So you like to be active, huh? That’s totally cool with us. In fact, our new tour features the best of the best when it comes to an active vacation—hiking volcanoes and kayaking fiords—and you may just see some really amazing things along the way. Here’s the perfect itinerary for […]

14 Days in Patagonia: The Ultimate Explorer’s Itinerary

Looking for a better way to spend your winter instead of staying inside all season long binge-watching Netflix? No offense to the binge-watchers out there—it certainly has its time and place! But after awhile, don’t you crave something a little more… adventurous? Sure, you could travel to the beaches of […]

7 Surprising Reasons South America Is the Ultimate Winter Destination

TomTom has long been known for their ridiculously simple (and awesome) GPS devices. Once I finally ditched my printed Mapquest driving directions back in the dark days of the 1990s [shudder], my first foray into “high-tech” mapping was a TomTom GPS. So, I’ve always been fond of them. It’s no […]

TomTom Spark 3: A Next-level Fitness Tracker for Adventurous Travelers

Everyone knows we’re huge car camping fans. But, sometimes packing and planning a car camping trip can become too much about the logistics and essentials. So much that it’s easy to forget about the fun stuff. The entry-level Luminoodle Light Rope is intended to be functional because, well, light is […]

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All of Egypt in just one week? It seemed like an ambitious plan — maybe too ambitious. But, that’s essentially what Lady Egypt Tours promised us on our recent luxury tour of Egypt. While our idea of vagabonding doesn’t usually involve organized tours, we knew that Egypt could prove difficult […]

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I spend half my life in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. So, I’m somewhat of an expert on how to eat and drink in questionable places without getting sick. In particular, I’ve learned the best ways to purify water while traveling. If you’re heading anywhere with questionable tap water, […]

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Bus and train trips, flights, delays in airports and train stations, hostels without TV or much light; the list of situations where a traveler has time to kill is long. That’s right — travel is not always exciting. There will be dull downtimes, and you may not always be able […]

5 Travel Games for the Road, the Flight, and Beyond