The crew from Andrea’s ‘Kiwi’ trip celebrating at Braemar Station. Over the last twenty years or so we’ve been honing our skills in adventure travel. We started with a group of three guests on a trip around New Zealand’s South Island in 1996, and have progressed to taking groups to […]

“For me, this was the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. Sure, it can be fun to travel with your partner or a group of friends. I personally prefer having my husband there to share the experience and enjoyment of traveling together. But I firmly believe that everybody should travel solo — sometimes. There’s a […]

Why Everybody Should Travel Solo … Sometimes

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. It’s finally — almost … pretty much … not really — spring here in New England. And that means only one thing: spring beer! OK, two things: it also means we’re gearing up for our spring/summer road trips. One thing we learned on our […]

Rumpl’s Down Puffy Blanket Is Like Bringing Your Own Luxury ...

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. “So it’s back to reality, huh?” I keep hearing some version of this statement from friends, family, even strangers, about my return from WWOOFing (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) in Italy. At first, I’d shrug and nod, “Mmmhmm,” still daydreaming about being back in […]

8 Ways to Avoid Coming Down from Your Traveler’s High

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. As a travel blogger/photographer/writer/digital nomad/wearer-of-many-hats, I spend a lot of time online. Like, a lot. And too much of that time is spent in my inbox. Checking it, re-checking it, following up on old emails, scheduling future follow-ups to emails. And follow-ups to those […]

MailButler Is the Personal Inbox Assistant You Never Knew You ...

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. You’ve been the envy of your circle of friends for months. They’ve followed you on social media, lived vicariously through your travels and most likely called you a lucky so-and-so when they got together on Friday evenings after a long work day. They’re looking […]

How to Return to “Normal” Life Gracefully After Long-Term Travel

Whether you’ve arrived into Milford Sound under your own steam via the Milford Track, or ridden the exciting 950m (3100ft) final descent from the Homer Tunnel to sea level by bus, we’re sure you’ll agree it is a magical place. The scale of the granite mountain faces, the flooded glacial […]

What to expect from your Milford Sound Cruise

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. 4:48 a.m. I woke this morning to a pattern of lights slowly gliding across my bedroom ceiling. A pale, yellow apparition in the shape of my window that twisted in upon itself before fading completely. Seconds later, another. Then … a third. For a […]

Grown-ups Are Stupid! How to Travel + See the World ...

History of Machu Picchu Archaeological evidence uncovered around the site suggests that the area was first used for agricultural purposes back in 760 B.C.   The war of Vilcambamba Pachacutec in 1440 established the first settlement at the site. It was called the Tahuantinsuyo Empire which was later followed by the formation of the government […]

History of Machu Picchu

Peru has so many ancient ruins, villages imbued with an infusion of ancient and modern Incan tradition, mixed with a melting pot of Colonial and pre- Spanish Peruvian culture.  Of all the Peru landmarks, Machu Picchu (which in the Quechua native language, means “Old Peak” or “Old Mountain.”) is the one categorised as both one of the […]

Facts About Machu Picchu To Outsmart Your Tour Guide